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Songs From Marjorie EP

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" I often wonder: What if Simon and Garfunkel had been women?
Actually, the first time I ever wondered that was five minutes ago, while listening to “That's the Way,” from Portland quartet What Hearts' debut EP, Songs for Marjorie. The disc and that bittersweet, musically upbeat tune in particular takes some melodic and vocal harmony cues from S&G. The group also bears resemblance to classic Northwest bands from the Softies to Dear Nora groups that may or may not be on What Hearts' radar; some of this stuff is just in the air around here.

But spend too much time connecting the musical dots on What Hearts and you'll miss the things the group does best. Three-way, all-girl vocal harmonies are a tough beast to tame especially when you're laying down sparkling guitar-picking and



What Hearts, an all-female folk band led by songwriter Julie Vitells, played shows in Portland, OR and the surrounding area from 2009-2012. They produced a 5-song EP, Songs From Marjorie, in 2010 and a full-length album, What Hearts, in 2012. The band's five members also play in various local acts, including Houndstooth, Point Juncture Washington, Lost Lander, the Huck Notari band, and Hoppin' Jenny.
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